PAR Newsletter n. 13, December 2013


Platform for Agrobiodiversity Research

Platform for Agrobiodiversity Research

December 2013

Greetings from the PAR Secretariat.

The Platform for Agrobiodiversity Research (PAR) works with partners who include farmers organisations, indigenous peoples groups, research institutes and international agencies. We have individual members from all these different groups who participate in PAR’s different activities and one of our objectives is to take the perspective of partners and members to international arenas.

We recently participated, with a number of other organisations, in the meetings of the newly established Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) which has just held its second meeting in Antalya, Turkey. IPBES was established in April 2012, as an independent intergovernmental body open to all member countries of the United Nations. Its members are committed to building IPBES as the leading intergovernmental body for assessing the state of the planet’s biodiversity, its ecosystems and the essential services they provide to society. The proposals for IPBES’s programme of work which was discussed at the meeting include topics of great relevance to the maintenance and use of agrobiodiversity such as assessments of pollinators and pollination, of valuation of biodiversity and of land degradation. Live coverage of IPBES-2 was provided by IISD Reporting Services. Click here for the daily updates and a final report.
Click on the IPBES tag for some IPBES related news on PAR web site.

In another important international development, the FAO Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture has released guidelines for the development of country reports that will be used to prepare the First Report of the State of Biodiversity of Food and Agriculture. PAR and its supporters will want to make a major contribution to this report and to using the activities involved in its preparation to seek a higher profile for agrobiodiversity.

This newsletter includes information on a number of activities in which PAR is involved or which are of particular importance for agrobiodiversity maintenance and use. As usual, we encourage you to let us know about agrobiodiversity related matters in which you are involved or which you wish to share through the web site. You can also offer an item or short article for the next issue of the newsletter.

Wishing you all the best for 2014, we hope you enjoy this newsletter and look forward in hearing from you

PAR’s goal: Is to enhance the sustainable management and use of agrobiodiversity by improving knowledge of all its different aspects. It seeks to promote research and integrate, mobilize and share research findings on the sustainable management of agrobiodiversity.

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