Researcher Database

The “Researcher Database” provided by Platform for Agrobiodiversity Research will be an online registry compiling information about experts working in the different fields of agrobiodiversity worldwide.

Its main objective will be to serve as a repository and access point to find experts working in the different fields of agrobiodiversity, learn about their research activities, and get in touch with them. It will allow users to search for experts according to different criteria such as name, field of expertise, affiliated institution, geographic location, institution type.

The version that was published in 2012 needs to be revised and for this purpose we temporarily took it off line.

We plan to publish the revised version of the database by the end of June 2013.

Are you an expert undertaking research in an agrobiodiversity-related field?

We consider your expertise to be very important in the field of agrobiodiversity and encourage you to share your information and knowledge with the Platform for Agrobiodiversity Research and its members. If you are interested in being listed, please complete the “Register a Researcher” form. The PAR Secretariat will revise your application and notify you shortly after receiving the completed form.

Suggest a Researcher

If you would like to suggest a Researcher to be included in the registry, please complete the “Suggest a Researcher” form. We will contact the expert shortly and request his or her contribution.


Any queries should be sent to: