Promoting Livestock through Natural Resource Management in the Sahel

In rain-limited regions of Burkina Faso, improved water harvesting and soil erosion control using contour stone bunding is shown to increase grain yields by 41% in low rainfall regions of Burkina Faso. Yield increases in food crops help foodbuying farm households import substitute in food consumption, reduce livestock production, and increase seasonal migration which is more compatible with seasonal agriculture than with the yearlong livestock activity. Self-sufficient households, by contrast, can take advantage of higher yields to free resources from food production and allocate these to expand their livestock economy. Greater effectiveness in cooperation in the management of common property resources also helps increase income derived from livestock.

Dutilly-Diane, C., Sadoulet, E. & de Janvry, A. Household Behavior Under Market Failures : How Natural Resource Management in Agriculture Promotes Livestock Production in the Sahel Céline Dutilly-Diane , Elisabeth Sadoulet , and Alain de Janvry. Journal of African Economies (2003).
Burkina Faso
Central Plateau, Yatenga. Sahelian Zone.
Agroecological Zone
Farming Systems