Building trust and innovation at the intersection of formal and informal science

Collaborations spur from trusty relationships and signing a Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) on work to be carried out amongst the parties involved is a valuable step to start-up just alliances. Read about this and how PAR works towards promoting relationship that put farmers and scientists on an equal footing in the project that saw farmers and genebanks enter in an alliance and that banks on communication, participation and equity, conserving diversity and building trust.

Farmers and genebanks, an alliance to save traditional crops

A video on the project on Strengthening the maintenance and use of agrobiodiversity by indigenous and traditional agricultural communities adapting to climate change and that took place in Bolivia and Sarawak, Malaysia

Innovation needs no boundaries: biodiversity through partnership

Brazil, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Turkey have joined forces under the umbrella of the Biodiversity for Food and Nutrition project to explore how best to promote nutritionally-rich species and, by so-doing, develop and conserve them.
An initiative funded by GEF and coordinated by Bioversity International

Do your efforts engage and impact local custodians of agrobiodiversity?

Simran Sethi is writing a book on the loss of agrobiodiversity through our food chain and would be delighted to hear from you

Ethno and Economic Botany contributing to the achievement of the GSPC

Calling for A Global Program on Conservation of Useful Plants and Traditional Knowledge to address the tragic loss of plant diversity and for the development of a concerted effort worldwide to address the loss of essential knowledge about plants and their uses, especially at the level of local communities.

Of Food, Culture and Identity

Indigenous food and issues of food sovereignty discussed during food festival organized as part of Western Ghats civil society Conclave at Mahabaleshwar India, provided a context in which tribal people could share wider concerns about environmental sustainability, political sovereignty and preservation of traditional culture, and also interact with other conclave participants from the position of specialists and experts in their own field.