EcoAgriculture Partners seeks Food Security and Community Resilience Consultant

EcoAgriculture Partners seeks to hire a half-time Consultant for 10 months, to contribute to an exciting project developing landscape scale strategies for “climate smart” agriculture that improve livelihood security and resilience of farmers and their communities while concurrently protecting and restoring ecosystem services.  The Consultant will be an integral member of the professional team that […]

Participatory research and on-farm management of agricultural biodiversity in Europe.

By Michel Pimbert, with a foreword by Colin Tudge Drawing on experience in Europe and the wider literature, this paper offers some critical reflections on how—and under what conditions—the EU might support the development of innovative participatory approaches for the management of agricultural biodiversity in Europe. Recommendations for the European Union and its citizens are […]

Understanding climate change from below, addressing barriers from above.

Practical experience and learning from a community-based adaptation project in Bangladesh. By  M Sajid Raihan,  M Jahedul Huq, Nana Gerstrøm Alsted and  Manja Hoppe Andreasen The book is an outcome of an action research project on Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction (CCA-DRR). Although climate change is a global problem, its impacts are felt […]

Traditional Food Crops Provide Community Resilience in Face of Climate Change

By incorporating indigenous vegetables and increasing crop diversity, farmers in Zimbabwe improved their diets and increased agricultural resilience. A recent study by researchers from Cornell and Rhodes universities and the Sebakwe Black Rhino Conservation Trust found that traditional food crops, such as mubovora (pumpkin) and ipwa (sweet reed), are an important source of community resilience […]