Research collaboration crucial to meet food demands

Improving agricultural research in the developing world and alerting farmers to the findings is crucial to meeting the world’s food demands, says Adel El-Beltagy, chair of the Global Forum on Agricultural Research. Agricultural researchers and laboratories have historically played a key role in successful campaigns to end hunger, but this has declined since the success […]

Living with Environmental Change-Insect Pollinators Initiative

Call for expressions of interest Insects contribute substantially to the pollination of a wide variety of cultivated and wild plants, and play important roles in both crop production and the maintenance of natural ecosystems. However, there is evidence that populations of managed and wild insect pollinators are currently declining on a global scale , in […]

1st International IFOAM Conference on Animal and Plant Breeding – "Breeding Diversity" USA Sante Fe, New Mexico,

This conference provides for the opportunity to revive traditional knowledge from the global North and South and connect it with the current international organic research. Through the fusion of traditional breeding knowledge and newly developed organic breeding methods, there is a great opportunity of intercultural learning and also valuing knowledge which was kept through generations […]

A congratulatory message!

PAR and it Members wish to congratulate  Professor Mohammed Sadiki who has been nominated as the new Director General of  the Hassan II Institute of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine (IAV) in Rabat, Morocco. Professor  Sadiki is a  member of the steering committee and strong supporter of the Platform for Agrobiodiversity Research. He has, for a […]

North–South Agricultural Research Partnerships

New formula for US-South research funding North–South agricultural research partnerships will gain another source of funding thanks to a new partnership in which the country’s National Science Foundation (NSF) can get involved in collaboration with developing-country scientists. Read the article

Research partnerships helps cocoa growers in Indonesia

Smallholder cocoa growers in Sulawesi, Indonesia, have the opportunity to boost their incomes by growing new pest-resistant, high-yielding cocoa varieties developed though an Australian and Indonesian research partnership … Read the article