Cultivate Diversity!

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Written from a science perspective, this handbook targets an audience of scientists in international and national institutions working in the area of agrobiodiversity research and teaching, as well as students and development practitioners involved in transdisciplinary research projects.

Farmers and genebanks, an alliance to save traditional crops

A video on the project on Strengthening the maintenance and use of agrobiodiversity by indigenous and traditional agricultural communities adapting to climate change and that took place in Bolivia and Sarawak, Malaysia

NUS 2013 call for abstracts

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Calling for abstracts that need to be in by 15 July 2013!
The 3rd International Conference on Neglected and Underutilized Species (NUS) for a Food-Secure Africa will take place in Ghana next September 2013 and will address the three themes of: (i) Resilience of agricultural and livelihood systems, (ii)Upgrading value chains of neglected and underutilized species and (iii) Creating an enabling policy environment

Notice on nominations for IPBES Workshop on Indigenous and Local Knowledge

Nominations to participate in a workshop to identify procedures and approaches for building synergies between indigenous & local knowledge and science.

Organized on behalf of the IPBES Multidisciplinary Expert Panel by UNESCO, UNU and the Ministry of Environment of Japan, this workshop will be held from 9 to 11 June 2013 in Tokyo

2012 Agropolis Fondation-Capes Call for Proposals

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Launch of the 2012 Agropolis Fondation-Capes Call for Proposals

The project intends to contribute to strengthening Franco-Brazilian partnership and/or Franco-Brazilian partnership with Africa.
The Call for Proposals (CfP) targets interdisciplinary and integrated approach to plant biology, ecology, products and uses that address development issues concerning the North and the South …

Resilience and the Cultural Landscape – Understanding and Managing Change in Human-Shaped Environments

All over the world, efforts are being made to preserve landscapes facing fundamental change as a consequence of widespread agricultural intensification, land abandonment and urbanisation. The ‘cultural landscape’ and ‘resilience’ approaches have, until now, largely been viewed as distinct methods for understanding the effects of these dynamics and the ways in which they might be […]