Call for articles: Family farmers breaking out of poverty

farming matters

Call for articles: The June 2014 issue of Farming Matters will focus on how agroecological approaches strengthen the resilience of family farmers and help them alleviate poverty.

New course on agriculture and nutrition linkages, 18-29 November 2013, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Wageningen UR Centre for Development Innovation, is introducing a new course -  New International course on Agriculture and Nutrition Linkages  which will be held in Addis Ababa from 18-29 November 2013. The overall aim of the course is to contribute to improving nutrition by mainstreaming nutrition into  agricultural development programmes.   Click here for more information.  

NUS 2013 call for abstracts

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Calling for abstracts that need to be in by 15 July 2013!
The 3rd International Conference on Neglected and Underutilized Species (NUS) for a Food-Secure Africa will take place in Ghana next September 2013 and will address the three themes of: (i) Resilience of agricultural and livelihood systems, (ii)Upgrading value chains of neglected and underutilized species and (iii) Creating an enabling policy environment

Guidelines: access and benefit sharing in research projects

Access and Benefit Sharing in Research Projects, the guidelines describe the type of agreements that can be used in different contexts and the most relevant provisions to be included in such agreements. They also provide models of agreements that can be adapted to particular situations.

The “Idle No More” movement going on in Canada

The was on Terra video

Video: First nations people are calling on the government to respect treaty rights with regards to environmental destruction for industrial development. And who is Indigenous?

Agricultural Transition

The planet continues drifting on the waves of international meetings while powerful peasant movements are organising. The present levels of human and nature pollution brought about by an agro-industrial model are not sustainable on the long run. A transition is needed that takes into account what farming is and who the farmers are. New tools […]