New Website: Local Crop Project in Nepal

Local crop project Website

The “Local Crop Project: Integrating Traditional Crop Genetic Diversity for Mountain Food Security” Website was launched on 29 January 2016, during the Second Project Steering Committee meeting  held in Kathmandu. The Local Crop Project’s goal is to improve livelihoods and food security of target communities in Nepal, through the conservation and use of traditional crop […]

Earthquake in Nepal: LI-BIRD Relief and Rebuilding Plan


The 7.6 Richter scale magnitude earthquake in Nepal of 25 April 2015, followed by more than 140 aftershocks, has destroyed more than 191,000 houses and damaged 175,000 more. More than 7300 people have been confirmed dead and over 14,000 have been injured. Humanitarian relief work is scaling up distribution, however, logistics remain challenging with a real risk of effort duplication. District Disaster Relief Committee (DDRC) and VDCs are facilitating coordination of relief efforts. Our friends at LI-BIRD (Local Initiatives for Biodiversity, Research and Development), based in Pokhara, Nepal, are responding to the disaster with a three phase plan.

New Publication: The politics of climate change adaptation: Taking stock of academic and practitioner experiences

Herding horses Mongolia / Photo credit: Andrei Marin

The International Department of Environment and Development Studies (Noragric), at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences launched a new publication in the Noragric Report series: “The politics of climate change adaptation: Taking stock of academic and practitioner experiences”. The report summarizes key outputs from a two-day conference held at the University of Life Sciences in Ås, in October 2014. The conference aimed at examining findings from a recent research project (“The politics of climate change adaptation: Exploring the interactions of climate and development interventions in Mongolia and Nepal”, 2011-2014) in a broader empirical, theoretical and policy context, and convened a mixed group of academics, practitioners and students from a wide variety of countries to share knowledge and experiences about the political facets of climate change adaptation.

Himalayan foods: healthy and nutritious crop varieties

Cover - Himalayan foods: Healthy and nutritious crop varieties

Brief description of eight underutilized crops in rural Nepal that have become the focus of efforts to promote a healthier lifestyle and marketplace for farmers and locals in Nepal.

Home Gardening for Improved Livelihoods in Nepal: A Video About Home Gardens


The Home Garden project’s interventions have been highly successful in improving the nutritional status of families from poor and disadvantaged groups. Home gardens are also reducing economic vulnerability through income generated by sale of surplus products and reduced expenditure for vegetables, fruits and meat. This video highlights the overall achievements from the three phases of […]

Diversity rich solutions from Nepal

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Video about traditional crop genetic diversity for food security.