About “Integrating Farmers’ Seeds System into the Market”

21 expert representing 13 organizations from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin and North America met in Vietnam to discuss about
Integrating Farmers’ Seeds System into the Market:“What do we gain? What do we lose? What do we do?”
The report brings views from CSOs, seed companies and Oxfam Novib

Training on Landscape functions and people

An international training course on Strategic approaches for climate smart, sustainable and productive landscapes
Bangkok, Thailand 18 – 29 November 2013

An Heuristic Framework


Over the last two decades a substantial body of information has developed on the continuing maintenance and use of traditional crop varieties by small-scale farmers around the world. Farmers appear to find that crop biodiversity, in the form of traditional varieties of both major staples and minor crops, remains important to their livelihoods, despite earlier expectations that these varieties would rapidly disappear from production systems.

The Power of Local Action: Lessons from 10 Years of the Equator Prize


The Equator Initiative releases its landmark publication. In this book a comprehensive analysis of the commonalities, trends and lessons learned across this pool of outstanding grassroots efforts to reduce poverty through the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. Twelve key lessons with the greatest relevance for understanding and catalyzing effective ecosystem-based action at the local level. Sample case studies are provided to illustrate lessons learned.

EcoAgriculture Partners at the Committee on World Food Security Meeting in Rome

Thursday, 18 October

Whole Landscape Approaches to Achieve Food Security in the Face of Climate Change: lessons learned from different perspectives and scenarios
Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative Side Event at CFS 39 at FAO in Rome.

The 39th Meeting of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) takes place 15-20 October 2012 in Rome, Italy. Hosted by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, the meeting will address key issues regarding food security in the coming decades, particularly food security and climate change

Agrobiodiversity workshop at RIO+20

AgriculturalBiodiversity@knowledged: 16th of June 18.00-19.30 This session focuses on the importance of agricultural biodiversity in addressing the current economic, social and environmental challenges in the agricultural sector. Speakers from around the world will reveal the key factors in accelerating transformations to resilience. Andrew Mushita, Zimbabwe (CTDT) Farmers increasing genetic diversity: Accelerating transformations towards an increase […]