2010 Borlaug Dialogue: “Take It to the Farmer: Reaching the World’s Smallholders”

Inspired by the last words of Nobel Laureate and World Food Prize Founder Dr. Norman Borlaug, the 2010 Borlaug Dialogue international symposium  to held in Des Moines, Iowa will gather the top minds and foremost leaders in global agriculture, food, and development  with a special focus on the world’s small-scale farmers.    This three-day dialogue […]

Agriculture, Biodiversity and Markets.

Livelihoods and Agroecology in Comparative Perspective Edited by Stewart Lockie ,  David Carpenter A book which explores the relationships between the exploitation and conservation of agricultural biodiversity and the livelihoods of agricultural communities, and evaluate the capacity of national and multilateral institutions and policy settings to support the protection and capture by communities of agrobiodiversity […]

Agrobiodiversity and Shade Coffee Smallholder Livelihoods: A Review and Synthesis of Ten Years of Research in Central America

V. Ernesto Méndez; Christopher M. Bacon; Meryl Olson; Katlyn S. Morris; Annie Shattuck An interesting publication about how agrobiodiversity is contributing to livelihoods. The research was conducted in scale coffee farms and cooperatives of Nicaragua and El Salvador. Find out more about the article here

Livelihoods and Landscapes Strategy (LLS)

Markets and incentives in livelihoods and landscapes strategy: using economic and financial tools to sustain forest livelihoods and landscapes. The Livelihoods and Landscapes Strategy (LLS) seeks to influence the ways in which forests are managed and used. As described in this publication, economic factors have an extremely important influence on forest livelihoods and landscapes. The […]

Agrobiodiversity for Livelihood Security: a case study of agroforestry technologies in Mexico

The article examines the livelihood benefits associated with agrobiodiversity in Veracruz, Mexico. Citrus-based agriculture is the principal economic activity in the agricultural sector of the state of Veracruz. It is practiced in mono-crop plantations by the majority of farmers, who are rendered vulnerable to price depreciation resulting from simultaneous harvest and over-supply of a single […]

"….and the prize goes to ……….."

The 2009 World Food Prize will be awarded to Dr. Gebisa Ejeta of Ethiopia whose sorghum hybrids resistant to drought and the devastating Striga weed have dramatically increased the production and availability of one of the world’s five principal grains and enhanced the food supply of hundreds of millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa. Dr. Ejeta’s […]