Swiss to Extend Agro-Biodiversity Initiative in Laos

By Khamphone Syvongxay, Vientiane Times The Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC) will provide Laos US$6.3 million to continue the work of the Agro-Biodiversity Initiative (Tabi) project. Phase I was undertaken within 13 development village groups totalling 104 villages in the Phoukoud district, the Xieng Khuang province, the Phonxay district, and the Luang Prabang province.  […]

LI-BIRD’s Research and Development Strategy :: focus on rural poor and marginalized

Diversifying Choices and Securing Livelihoods From LI-BIRD’s web site LI-BIRD is pleased to release the summary document of its new Research & Development Strategy 2012-16. LI-BIRD is a non-profit making organization based in Pokhara, Nepal committed to capitalizing on local initiatives for sustainable management of natural resources and agricultural biodiversity in order to improve the […]

Bioversity International 2012-2021 Strategic Priorities and Research Agenda

Bioversity International has recently published its strategic priorities and research agenda for the decade 2012 to 2021. Bioversity International is the only global non-profit research organization that places the use and conservation of agricultural biodiversity in smallholder farming systems at the centre of its work. Agricultural biodiversity is essential to help achieve global food and […]

Chepang Food Culture: Contribution of Wild Edible and Neglected Plant Species

Chepangs are an indigenous ethnic group living in central and southern Nepal. Amongst the agricultural systems practiced, shifting cultivation.  Chepangs live in the proximity of forests, depending upon it for food and other livelihood needs. This publication brings together the traditional knowledge of the Chepang people regarding the wild edible and neglected plant species. Similarly, […]

More on LPFN new blog!

By Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative The new blog of the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative was launched on January 30th, 2012! This three-year collaborative Initiative, which officially commenced in November of 2011, aims to scale up successful strategies for integrated landscape management that simultaneously support rural livelihoods, improve food security, and […]

Landscape for People, Food and Nature Initiative: Launch of the blog on Monday 30 January!

The Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative is a collaborative three-year process of research, discussion, knowledge-sharing and advocacy to understand and support integrated agricultural landscape approaches to simultaneously meet goals for food production, ecosystem health and human wellbeing. The initiative is facilitated by EcoAgriculture Partners and Co-organizers from leading international institutions: Bioversity International; Conservation […]