International Workshop on Statistical and Spatial Analysis of Diversity Data: Towards a Better Understanding and Use of Underutilized Plant and Tree Genetic Resources’. Bamako, Mali

The objective of the Workshop is to strengthen the capacity of young scientists to use statistical, GIS and modeling techniques for analysis of diversity data on underutilized plants and tree genetic resources. The knowledge to analyse plant morphological/molecular diversity, distribution and relationships with the environment will be provided by using modern state-of-the-art tools. Practical exercises […]

1st International IFOAM Conference on Animal and Plant Breeding – "Breeding Diversity" USA Sante Fe, New Mexico,

This conference provides for the opportunity to revive traditional knowledge from the global North and South and connect it with the current international organic research. Through the fusion of traditional breeding knowledge and newly developed organic breeding methods, there is a great opportunity of intercultural learning and also valuing knowledge which was kept through generations […]

AfricaAdapt launches new fund for innovative knowledge sharing

Africa’s poor and vulnerable communities rarely have the opportunity to share their valuable experience and learn from others in broader or more formal exchanges of knowledge on climate change adaptation. AfricaAdapt is launching its new Knowledge Sharing Innovation Fund promoting new ways of sharing knowledge that can help address this problem. The Knowledge Sharing Innovation […]