An initiative to conserve mango diversity.

The Society For Conservation of Mango Diversity (SCMD) is an  organization working for mango growing community empowerment and mango diversity conservation. Activities taken up by SCMD mainly aim on the empowerment of communities of Kasmandi Kalan, Gopramau, Sarsanda and Mahmood Nagar Talukedari to appreciate more value and uniqueness of their mango diversity and its on farm […]

CBD Colloquium on the Role of ICCAs in Achieving the Aichi Targets

The role of ICCAs in achieving the Aichi Targets – event during COP11 of the CBD
On Saturday 13 October 2012 an event co-hosted by the CBD Secretariat, the Governments of Brazil, India, Mexico, the Philippines, Senegal and South Africa, the ICCA Consortium, the International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity and Conservation International.

Biodiversity and Culture: Exploring Community Protocols, Rights and Consent (PLA 65)

International Institute for Environment and Development, Guest edited by Krystyan Swiderska, Kanchi Kohli, Harry Jonas, Holly Shrumm, Wim Hienstra, and Maria Julia Oliva  Many rural communities in the global South – including some 370 million indigenous peoples – are directly dependent on biodiversity and related traditional knowledge for their livelihoods, food security, healthcare and well-being. […]

Professor to speak on agrobiodiversity and indigenous knowledge

A seminar on Indigenous Knowledge Human-Environmental Change and Agrobiodiversity at Penn state University
Professor Zimmerer is a geographer and an environmental and earth-systems scientist, whose research, teaching and outreach are centered on global human-environmental change …

Chepang Food Culture: Contribution of Wild Edible and Neglected Plant Species

Chepangs are an indigenous ethnic group living in central and southern Nepal. Amongst the agricultural systems practiced, shifting cultivation.  Chepangs live in the proximity of forests, depending upon it for food and other livelihood needs. This publication brings together the traditional knowledge of the Chepang people regarding the wild edible and neglected plant species. Similarly, […]

Showcasing local food: the Mei Ramew (Terra Madre) in Meghalaya, India

On the 10th of December 2011 The Indigenous Partnership for Agrobiodiversity and Food Sovereignty promoted the second edition of the ‘Mei Ramew’ (Terra Madre) Food Festival at Khasi Jaintia Presbyterian Assembly’s William Lewis Boys Home in Mawphlang (India). The festival was mainly supported and funded by local partners, such as the Director of Horticulture, the […]