Farmers and genebanks, an alliance to save traditional crops

A video on the project on Strengthening the maintenance and use of agrobiodiversity by indigenous and traditional agricultural communities adapting to climate change and that took place in Bolivia and Sarawak, Malaysia

Of Food, Culture and Identity

Indigenous food and issues of food sovereignty discussed during food festival organized as part of Western Ghats civil society Conclave at Mahabaleshwar India, provided a context in which tribal people could share wider concerns about environmental sustainability, political sovereignty and preservation of traditional culture, and also interact with other conclave participants from the position of specialists and experts in their own field.

Agricultural Heritage: Looking beyond food production and ecosystem services

Wednesday 17 April 2013 during CGRFA14 in FAO, Rome
A Side Event that will feature humanity’s agricultural heritage systems and their importance to conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity for food security and nutrition, and in revitalization of rural communities.

First Global Indigenous Peoples’ Forum at IFAD

Two years after the Workshop for Establishing the Indigenous Peoples Forum at IFAD, partners and observers met for the First Global Indigenous Peoples’ Forum

The “Idle No More” movement going on in Canada

The was on Terra video

Video: First nations people are calling on the government to respect treaty rights with regards to environmental destruction for industrial development. And who is Indigenous?

Mei Ramew Food Festival (December 2012)

Mei Ramew Festival – A celebration of indigenous foodways Working closely with Slow Food International, the Indigenous Partnership has been joining hands with indigenous Slow Food communities all over the world at Terra Madre gatherings to collectively (re)discover a more sustainable approach to food for our future wellbeing. Terra Madre, locally named Mei Ram-ew Festival […]