The Potato Park: Conserving Agrobiodiversity and the Andean Ancient Culture

The Potato Park is a new local model for the conservation of agro-biodiversity established in 1998 by the Association ANDES and six indigenous Kechua communities in Pisaq, Cuzco, Peru. Based on traditional Andean models, such as the integrated management of the nature of the landscape and the strengthening of local sustainable activities and poverty alleviation strategies, […]

A new book on access and benefit-sharing has been published.

Protecting Biological Diversity:The Effectiveness of Access and Benefit-sharing Regimes by Carmen Richerzhagen (German Development Institute) During the last ten years the enormous global loss of biodiversity has received remarkable attention. Among the numerous approaches undertaken to stop or lessen this process, access and benefit-sharing (ABS), a market-based approach, has emerged as among the most prominent. […]

Apply now for Agrobiodiversity PhD Programme.

Deadline is 15 July 2010 One of ENDURE’s two Italian partners, the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies of Pisa (SSSUP), is about to launch the seventh year of its International Doctoral Programme in Agrobiodiversity, which includes six scholarships to motivated students from any country, including a minimum of four scholarships granted to students from developing […]

[ABIA-Group] Topic 3: The Roles played by Agricultural Biodiversity in Human well-being: the weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and gaps

The second discussion topics in the ABIA E-consulataion is coming to an end. The topic discussed was on  “Components of agricultural biodiversity: knowledge of state and trends of agricultural biodiversity in Africa”. The next topic is about the Roles played by Agricultural Biodiversity in Human well-being: the weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and gaps A set of […]

Recognising and enhancing local innovation in managing agricultural biodiversity

A 2009 publication by Fetien Abay, Edson Gandarillas, Pratap Shrestha, Ann Waters-Bayer & Mariana Wongtschowski. The article focuses on how the  innovativeness of local people in managing agrobiodiversity  changes over time. It looks at the  current dynamics of indigenous knowledge (IK): how farmers, on their own initiative, develop new ways of using and managing genetic […]

Famine Fears

 A stem rust blight threatens 80% of the world’s wheat harvest and is raising new fears of famine and exorbitant prices. The blight, named Ug99 after its discovery in Uganda in 1999, has overcome most of the stem rust resistance genes bred into modern wheat varieties during recent decades. North America’s wheat crops, with their […]