Community Seed Banks in Ethiopia: An innovative approach to improving food security

The community seed bank in Chefe Donsa, a village two hours’ drive east of the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, collects and preserves the seeds of local crops to ensure farmers have a steady supply of seeds to sow each year.

International Potato Center is seeking a scientist to head the CIP Genebank

The International Potato Center (CIP) is seeking a dynamic scientist to head the potato, sweetpotato and Andean root and tuber crops (ARTCs) germplasm bank.  In close collaboration with CIP colleagues and public, private and international partners, the position has responsibilities to implement CIP’s vision to conserve, expand, characterize and distribute the world’s largest collection of […]

Betting the Farm

In a guest blog post, Cary Fowler, Nourishing the Planet Advisory Group member, explains the importance of implementing a combination of crop diversity conservation strategies such as supporting genebanks as well as protecting crops on farms and natural habitats. “Partisans in our crop diversity community are wrong when they argue that all our eggs should be placed in one basket,” she says. “[Good farmers] would never have bet the farm on one crop. And they certainly wouldn’t bet the future of agriculture on one conservation strategy.”