Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture for Food Security and Nutrition

A report developed by a high level panel of experts to  address a frequently overlooked but extremely important part of world food and nutrition security: the role and importance of fish in seeking food and nutrition security for all. According to Per Pinstrup-Andersen,  Chair, Steering Committee of the HLPE, fisheries and aquaculture have often been […]

Crop wild relatives – a key asset for sustainable agriculture

Crop Wild relatives are essential components of natural and agricultural ecosystems and hence are indispensable for maintaining ecosystem health. Their conservation and sustainable use is very important for improving agricultural production, increasing food security, and maintaining a healthy environment.

Fostering seed security responses that work for vulnerable farmers

Fostering seed security responses that work for vulnerable farmers. International coalition launches public resource website:

Diversity rich solutions from Nepal

Video about traditional crop genetic diversity for food security.

Integrating Traditional Crop Genetic Diversity for Mountain Food Security

Integrating Traditional Crop Genetic Diversity into Technology: Using a Biodiversity Portfolio Approach to Buffer against Unpredictable Environmental Change in the Nepal Himalayas is a project funded by the Global Environment Fund (GEF)

IIED, Asociacion ANDES and ISE are supporting a series of dialogues

From IIED blog some good news on alliances and exchanges of knowledge and materials between indigenous mountain communities to explore the impacts of climatic changes on food systems, and the responses needed.