CBD Secretariat Invites Submissions on Impacts of Biofuels on Biodiversity.

Agricultural biodiversity: biofuels and biodiversity Experiences and results from assessments of the impacts of biofuel production and use on biodiversity and impacts on biodiversity that affect related socioeconomic condition. In accordance with Decision X/37 of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), the CBD Secretariat has invited submissions on experiences […]

10th International ICPBR Pollination Symposium 2011

This important event to be held in Cholula, Mexico will be broadly based, interdisciplinary covering the plant and animal sides of the pollination equation. It will also embrace topics from many ecosystems, arctic to tropical, natural to highly managed. The overarching theme is pollination and sustainability as they affect human welfare, biodiversity and ecosystem function. […]

Agricultural Biodiversity Conservation and Man and Biosphere Reserves: Bridging managed and natural landscapes

Landscapes, ecosystems and (agricultural) biodiversity that underpin rural food security are in rapid decline. Increasingly, communities are driven into poverty and forced to relinquish traditional lifeways and environmentally sustainable agricultural practices. Some of the richest, most beautiful and diverse agricultural landscapes can be found in UNESCO Man and Biosphere (MAB) Reserves around the world. Yet, […]

Announcing the new UNEP Policy Series on Ecosystem Management.

UNEP is pleased to announce inauguration of the ‘UNEP Policy Series on Ecosystem Management‘ . The policy series seeks to facilitate dialogue on policy issues related to Ecosystem Management. The target audience of the series includes governments, civil society organisations, the academic and scientific community, as well as colleagues in other organisations. Besides enabling UNEP […]

UVIMA Consultancy Opportunities, July 2010

UVIMA is a Swahili acronym for Uchambuzi wa Viumbe kwa Maendeleo Afrika Mashariki, and can be translated to Taxonomy for Development in East Africa. The  project seeks to contribute to resolving these interlinked crises by providing taxonomic tools to enhance ecosystem resilience and food security, focusing on three area: pollinators, invasive alien species and pests. […]

Dynamic Interlinkages between Social and Ecosystem Changes: Towards a Europe Africa Partnership, Hulshort, The Netherlands.

The conference focus will be on comparing findings of research that studies social-ecological systems’ interactions associated with specific landscapes, seascapes or coastal regions. There is remarkable geographic variability in policies, practices and outcomes for management of natural capital, flows of ecosystem services, and human outcomes. Invited speakers and presenters will be drawn from a range […]