Payments for Environmental Services: an incentive to environmentally friendly farming?

Agriculture is a key activity in maintaining the world’s variety of breeds and crops. An upcoming mechanism to stimulate environmentally friendly farming is PES, or Payments for Environmental Services, in which a “buyer” pays for farmers’ environmental efforts. Would farmers be interested to engage in such a mechanism? Who would want to pay farmers? In […]

Dynamic Interlinkages between Social and Ecosystem Changes: Towards a Europe Africa Partnership, Hulshort, The Netherlands.

The conference focus will be on comparing findings of research that studies social-ecological systems’ interactions associated with specific landscapes, seascapes or coastal regions. There is remarkable geographic variability in policies, practices and outcomes for management of natural capital, flows of ecosystem services, and human outcomes. Invited speakers and presenters will be drawn from a range […]

Call For Papers.

Call for papers: Payment for Ecosystem Services in Conservation: Performance and Prospects An opportunity to publish in a themed issue of Environmental Conservation. Manuscript submission deadline: 31st October 2010, Publication of themed issue: around June 2011 (to be confirmed).  For further details, see the attached PDF file.  Call for papers: Biodiversity and Poverty Alleviation An opportunity […]

World Bank Launches Book on Ecosystem-based Approaches to Climate change

The World Bank has launched a book titled “Convenient Solutions to an Inconvenient Truth: Ecosystem-based Approaches to Climate Change,” which features examples of World Bank projects applying ecosystem-based approaches. The book offers a compelling argument for including ecosystem-based approaches to mitigation and adaptation as an essential pillar in national climate change strategies. It starts with […]

Ecosystem Marketplace: More Governments Using Markets to Save Species

“Markets” have taken a bit of a battering over the past couple of years, but perhaps the press release and Executive Summary below show that, at least for biodiversity – and albeit mostly in developed countries – market-based initiatives appear to be growing and delivering conservation benefits on the ground. You can Download the Full […]

Putting a price on Nature! Are you for it?

The idea that the value provided by such “ecosystem services” can be represented by ecologists in a way that economists can get to grips with, though, is rather newer. A number of the thinkers who have made it a hot topic in the past decade gathered at a meeting on biodiversity and ecosystem services held […]