Diverseeds Documentary Film out NOW

In agriculture, the widespread adoption of a few improved varieties has narrowed the genetic base of important food crops and led to the disappearance of hundreds of landraces. Conserving and using plant genetic diversity is vital in meeting the world’s future development needs in Europe, Asia and elsewhere. This documentary made by the Organisation for […]

The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) partners with Global Environment Facility, (GEF) on the sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity

The Global Environment Facility, (GEF) the largest multilateral donor protecting global biodiversity and a pioneer in supporting innovative tools and mechanisms to ensure sustainable conservation, will join forces with the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) to spur binding action by decision-makers to conserve and sustainably use biodiversity, stop species loss, and maintain vital ecosystem goods […]

FARA Accra Agricultural Biodiversity Initiative for Africa (ABIA): Stakeholders Consultative Workshop

The Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA), an apex agricultural research organization in Africa, in recognition of the need for highly focused advocacy to focus research investment and development on optimizing the conservation and use of Africa’s agricultural held a Stakeholders Consultative Workshop in Accra, Ghana  on the 5th of June 2009 FARA, with technical […]

International Seed Treaty , 3rd session of the Governing Body, Tunis, 1 – 5 June 2009

The International Seed Treaty Governing Body (GB3) met in Tunisia 1-5 June 2009 to discuss the implementaion of Farmers Collective Rights to defend on-farm conservation and development of agricultural biodiversity. Click here to know  more about the progress made.

New Publication: "Mitigating Climate Change Through Food and Land Use"

by Sara J. Scherr and Sajal Sthapit. Ecoagriculture Partners  has released  a new report “Mitigating Climate Change Through Food and Land Use” for the Worldwatch Report 179.  Agriculture, forestry, and other changes in land use are responsible for more than 30 percent of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. Despite advances in the energy sector, the only […]

European SAVE Foundation and the SAVE Network Annual Meeting , August 20-23, 2009 Ghent, Belgium

European SAVE Foundation and the SAVE Network invites interested individuals to their  Annual Meeting to take place   August 20-23, 2009 in Ghent, Belgium. The Meeting will be combined with an International Agrobiodiversity Seminar and the main discussion topic will be: “Innovative Aspects for In-Situ Conservation”. For more details,  download the  provisional programme and the registration […]