IUCN World Parks Congress 2014 is upcoming!

Photo credit: World Park Congress 2014

The IUCN World Parks Congress 2014 will take place from 12 to 19 November 2014 in Sydney, Australia. The Congress, a landmark global forum on protected areas will share knowledge and innovation, setting the agenda for protected areas conservation for the decade to come. Building on the theme “Parks, people, planet: inspiring solutions”, it will present, discuss and create original approaches for conservation and development, helping to address the gap in the conservation and sustainable development agenda.

Crop wild relatives – a key asset for sustainable agriculture

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Crop Wild relatives are essential components of natural and agricultural ecosystems and hence are indispensable for maintaining ecosystem health. Their conservation and sustainable use is very important for improving agricultural production, increasing food security, and maintaining a healthy environment.

A methodological approach to work with custodian farmers

Custodian farmer Doña Viviana Herrera rescues potatoes from flooding along Lake Titicaca / Photo Giulia Baldinelli

Bioversity International and PROINPA (the Foundation for the Promotion and Research of Andean Products) have recently published the results of a case study they undertook in a remote village on Lake Titicaca. The study explores a methodological approach to leverage the work of custodian farmers, champions of crop diversity maintenance and promotion, to strengthen on-farm conservation.

Custodian farmers

Custodian farmers of agricultural biodiversity, selected profiles from South and South East Asia

Proceedings of the workshop on custodian farmers of agricultural biodiversity, 11-12 February 2013, New Delhi, India

The many faces of resilience

Cover - Farming Matters - The many faces of resilience

This latest issue of Farming Matters focuses on building resilience in family farming.

Integrating Traditional Crop Genetic Diversity for Mountain Food Security

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Integrating Traditional Crop Genetic Diversity into Technology: Using a Biodiversity Portfolio Approach to Buffer against Unpredictable Environmental Change in the Nepal Himalayas is a project funded by the Global Environment Fund (GEF)