Upcoming event: 14th World Forestry Congress

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The 14th World Forestry Congress “Forests and People – Investing in a sustainable future” will take place in Durban, South Africa, from 7 to 11 September 2015. The Congress will bring together the global forestry community to review and analyse the key issues and to share ways of addressing them. The thematic focus include “Forests for socio-economic development and food security”, “Building resilience with forests”, “Integrating forests and other land uses”, “Encouraging product innovation and sustainable trade”, “Monitoring forests for better decision-making”, “Improving governance by building capacity”.

Soil-tree-crop interactions in parkland systems: A review


The ‘parklands’ that form the most widespread farming systems in the Sahelian zone of West Africa are farming systems in which annual crops are grown under scattered trees preserved from the natural vegetation by farmers clearing the woodlands to make crop fields. Being mixed agricultural systems, the interactions between trees and crops have always been a key element determining the management options applied by farmers. A combination of field trials, observational studies and modeling has been deployed to understand soil–tree–crop interactions, including sharing of growth resources by the system components. Despite scientific advances, there are still some methodological challenges in determining the tradeoffs and synergies between and among goods and services, and how to boost the provisioning, supporting and regulating functions of such agroforestry systems. Providing such ecosystem service functions is critical in the quest for ensuring food security while achieving adaptation and mitigation goals in vulnerable environments like the drylands.

Trees on farms: an update and reanalysis of agroforestry’s global extent and socio-ecological characteristics

Global percentage of tree cover in the years 2008–2010 (averaged)

New publication from the World Agroforestry Centre: Trees on farms – an update and reanalysis of agroforestry’s global extent and socio-ecological characteristics.

Group – International day for Biological Diversity – Forests Biodiversity

Group dedicated to discussions about the International Day for Biological Diversity – Forest Biodiversity We have created a group dedicated to the International Day for Biological Diversity – Forest Biodiversity, on 22 May 2011. Since we consider this day to be very special and of utmost importance, we would love you to share information with […]

Operationalizing Agrobiodiversity Assessment: Functional biodiversity in Agroforestry Systems.

By Daniel Callo-Concha. A report about an evaluation study conducted in an agroforestry system to assess functional biodiversity. The research site was the The sample included 70 farms in the municipality of Tomé-Açú, Pará state in the Brazilian Amazon, a region well-known for its long-ago established agroforestry systems. The results of the case study revealed […]

From Genes to Landscapes in Mesoamerica

Some feedback on the conference “Agrobiodiversity in Mesoamerica — From Genes to Landscapes.”which took  place 20-24 September 2010, at CATIE, Turrialba, Costa Rica. The article describes why it is important to think about the need to urgently conserve the agrobiodiversity. Not only does the author describe the visible losses of agrobiodiversity, they also highlight the importance […]