Call for articles: Nutritional values and family farming

farming matters

The last issue of Farming Matters for 2014 will focus on how family farming and agroecology support the nutrition of family members and the wider community.

Call for articles: Family farmers in living landscapes

farming matters

Farming Matters informs readers about sustainable, small-scale farming. It offers discussions, background to the news, opinions, research findings, and practical examples of how sustainable, small-scale farming contributes to providing food security, social justice, a healthy environment and development. Farming Matters is for policy makers, researchers, practitioners, educators, farmers, and everybody else interested in agriculture and development.

LIBERATION, Community of Practice on Ecological Intensification

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LIBERATION, an on-line Community of Practice on Ecological Intensification kicks off and we very much look forward in engaging with you to discuss definitions and concepts, build up the knowledge base and broaden an exciting network of scientists

Sustainable food experts call for research regime change

Agroecology, Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Intensification … Read a write up and a discussion paper from the Centre for Agroecology and Food Security (CAFS)

Yale Food Systems Symposium, 18-19 October, 2013

The parallel forces of urbanization and globalization are transforming our planet. They are bringing unprecedented changes to food production and distribution, livelihoods, communities, and the environment. While the pace of this transformation presents significant challenges to the creation of just and sustainable food systems, it may also create powerful opportunities: to support ecological stewardship, promote […]

Conservation Agriculture and its Community of Practice

Conservation Agriculture (CA) is an approach to managing agro-ecosystems for improved and sustained productivity, increased profits and food security while preserving and enhancing the resource base and the environment.
There is an active community of practice working on the topic …