Workshop on Biodiversity and Resilience of Agroecosystems

A workshop organized by CIRAD and Bioversity International that will focus on the role of biodiversity in the management of multiple agroecosystem services in development contexts, and contribution to resilience.

A research fellowship opportunity on Agrobiodiversity as an Instrument for Climate Change Adaptation

One year full time research fellowship (with the possibility of extension) for an International Scoping Study of the Role of Agrobiodiversity as an Instrument for Climate Change Adaptation.

Deadline for applications 8 March 2013

Strengthening Agrobiodiversity: A Key Adaptation Strategy for Latin America’s Mountain Ecosystems

Evidence and Lessons from Latin America (ELLA), May 2012 With their high levels of agrobiodiversity, Latin American countries are implementing innovative research programmes and policies to conserve native and wild crop and animal species. Their work is helping to both promote diversity and facilitate climate change adaptation. Strengthening Agrobiodiversity: A Key Adaptation Strategy for Latin […]

The N’Djamena Declaration

“Indigenous leaders and Ministers agree on climate adaptation priorities” This is the title of IPAACs web page set up after that Indigenous pastoralists from the IPACC network met with international agencies, African meteorologists and members of Chadian national cabinet to discuss adaptation strategies and priorities ahead of COP17 on 7-9 November 2011 in N’Djamena, Republic […]

Community Biocultural Protocols: Building mechanisms for access and benefit-sharing.

 Building mechanisms for access and benefit-sharing among the communities of the Potato Park based on Quechua customary norms. The Potato Park’s biocultural protocol provides a model for developing effective community protocols, which implement the Nagoya Protocol, build capacity to negotiate with third parties, and build the foundations for equitable, sustainable and self-determined local economies. It […]

Identifying and addressing knowledge gaps in agrobiodiversity

The development organizations Hivos and Oxfam Novib are currently developing a knowledge programme on sustainable agriculture and biodiversity management.  The aim of this trajectory is to identify and address knowledge gaps on biodiversity conserving agricultural production that can reduce risks and can improve the livelihoods of rural people living in poverty. The draft report of […]