PROTA4U Web Database Launch.

Plant Resources of Tropical Africa (PROTA) is excited to announce the launching of their new interactive webdatabase: !! This is a dynamic and highly interactive digital encyclopedia of useful plants of Tropical Africa called PROTA4U. It consists of two elements: A validated part containing 1,200 ‘PROTA articles’ with comprehensive information on 2,100 plant species. […]

Wheat rust tracking site launched.

FAO has launched a new website  to track the advance of Ug99 the devastating strain of wheat stem rust disease and other wheat rusts amid concern the fungus is on the march across Africa and could head toward South Asia. The aim of “Rust SPORE” is to deliver up-to-date information on the status of wheat […]

Launch of the new CIARD website

A new platform to promote access to agricultural science The XIIIth World Congress of IAALD held in Montpellier, the new website of the global initiative on Coherence in Information for Agricultural Research for Development (CIARD) was launched by the principal partners.  CIARD is a movement for coherence and collaboration in agricultural research information and communication […]

New website for the Indigenous Food Systems Network

The Indigenous Food Systems Network Website was developed by the WGIFS and is designed to allow individuals and groups involved with Indigenous food related action, research, and policy reform to network and share relevant resources and information. Check it out