Biodiversity and Human Health: new publication!


Healthy communities rely on well-functioning ecosystems. They provide clean air, fresh water, medicines and food security. They also limit disease and stabilize the climate. But biodiversity loss is happening at unprecedented rates, impacting human health worldwide, according to a new state of knowledge review published on 4 June by the Convention on Biological Diversity and […]

New book: With our own hands – Food and life in the Pamir mountains


In the autumn of 2009, a grandmother in the village of Mun, in the Ghund valley of the Tajik Pamir Mountains, approached two young researchers and asked them to write down her old recipes. “I want to share them with my children and grandchildren while I still remember what I know,” she said.

Farming Matters – Soils for life

farming matters soils

The March 2015 issue of Farming Matters magazine talks about the experiences of farmers who are working successfully, together with others, to improve the health of their soil and their lives. There is an array of stories about how  healthy soils increase farmers’ autonomy and long-term productivity. Read the magazine: Soils for life

New Publication: The politics of climate change adaptation: Taking stock of academic and practitioner experiences

Herding horses Mongolia / Photo credit: Andrei Marin

The International Department of Environment and Development Studies (Noragric), at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences launched a new publication in the Noragric Report series: “The politics of climate change adaptation: Taking stock of academic and practitioner experiences”. The report summarizes key outputs from a two-day conference held at the University of Life Sciences in Ås, in October 2014. The conference aimed at examining findings from a recent research project (“The politics of climate change adaptation: Exploring the interactions of climate and development interventions in Mongolia and Nepal”, 2011-2014) in a broader empirical, theoretical and policy context, and convened a mixed group of academics, practitioners and students from a wide variety of countries to share knowledge and experiences about the political facets of climate change adaptation.

Book launch: “Coping with climate change – the roles of genetic resources for food and agriculture”

Cover: Coping with climate change – the roles of genetic resources for food and agriculture

Genetic resources for food and agriculture play a crucial role in food security, nutrition and livelihoods and in the provision of environmental services. They are key components of sustainability, resilience and adaptability in production systems. They underpin the ability of crops, livestock, aquatic organisms and forest trees to withstand a range of adverse conditions. Thanks […]

Agricultural Production, Dietary Diversity, and Climate Variability


A new Policy Research Working Paper released by the World Bank, which helps to fill a key gap in the evidence on the relationship between productivity and consumption. The study investigates the effect of production on dietary diversity and diet composition through both agricultural revenue and crop production.