Recognising and enhancing local innovation in managing agricultural biodiversity

A 2009 publication by Fetien Abay, Edson Gandarillas, Pratap Shrestha, Ann Waters-Bayer & Mariana Wongtschowski. The article focuses on how the  innovativeness of local people in managing agrobiodiversity  changes over time. It looks at the  current dynamics of indigenous knowledge (IK): how farmers, on their own initiative, develop new ways of using and managing genetic […]

IIED's latest publications

Fair Miles: Recharting the food miles map This pocketbook by Kelly Rai Chi, James MacGregor and Richard King delves into the realities of the produce trade between Africa and the UK, examining both sides of the equation in search of a diet that is ethically, as well as nutritionally, balanced. The challenges of environmental mainstreaming: […]

Call for papers: The International Journal of Biodiversity and Conservation

The International Journal of Biodiversity and Conservation (IJBC) publishes articles relating to sustainable development, human dependence on biodiversity in agriculture, environmental management and biotechnology. They are seeking articles which meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence, and will publish original articles in basic and applied research, case studies, and critical reviews, surveys, opinions, […]

Bridging Managed and Natural Landscapes – The role of traditional (agri)culture in maintaining the diversity and resilience of natural ecosystems

During the recent DIVERSITAS Open Science Conference in Cape Town, which had as its theme “Biodiversity and Society: understanding connections, adapting to change,” we presented this poster on the connections between agricultural and wild landscapes. The poster urges conservation scientists and protected area managers to see agricultural communities, and the landscapes they create, as integral to […]

The Community-based Risk Screening Tool – Adaptation and Livelihoods (CRiSTAL)

The Community-based Risk Screening Tool – Adaptation and Livelihoods (CRiSTAL) is a tool designed to help project planners and managers integrate climate change adaptation into community-level projects. It helps project designers and managers: Understand the links between livelihoods and climate in their project areas;  Assess a project’s impact on community-level adaptive capacity; and Make project […]

Ecoagriculture Policy Focus, issue 3: "Mitigating climate change through food and land use"

The policy brief looks at issues pertaining to the mitigation of global climate through reducing emissions from agriculture, forestry, and other land uses. The recommended policy actions include ; The full range of terrestrial emission reduction, storage, and sequestration options in climate policy and investment. Incorporate farming and land use investments in cap-and-trade systems. Link terrestrial […]