Transformation for Food Sovereignty: Reclaiming citizenship – empowering civil society in policy-making

IIED has made available a chapter of the book Towards Food Sovereignty: Reclaiming autonomous food systems. The Chapter is on “Transformation for Food Sovereignty: Reclaiming citizenship – empowering civil society in policy-making. This is a multimedia publication by Dr Michel Pimbert focusing on food and agriculture, and is of great use to decison and policymakers in […]

Kam Local Knowledge and Sustainable Resource Management in Guizhou and Guangxi Provinces, China

This is an UNESCO-LINKS/UNDESA research article written by Amy Eisenberg Ph.D.,  John Amato RN, and Dengtao. It is about the Kam people of China and how they are sustainably managing and utilising their natural resources using their traditional knowledge. Download the article (word doc)  For more information contact Dr. Amy Eisenberg on or visit the […]

New Publications -Training manuals.

Training manual on agricultural water management Traditional knowledge and local institutions support adaptation to water-Induced hazards in Chitral, Pakistan (2009)  Good Practices for Community Resilience, Practical Action Bangladesh (2009)

Recognising and enhancing local innovation in managing agricultural biodiversity

by Fetien Abay, Edson Gandarillas, Pratap Shrestha, Ann Waters-Bayer & Mariana Wongtschowski An interesting article  from PROLINNOVA on the  current innovativeness of local people: not how their ancestors developed local varieties and breeds, but rather the current dynamics of indigenous knowledge (IK): how farmers, on their own initiative, develop new ways of using and managing […]

Millions Fed: Proven Successes in Agricultural Development.

The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) has launched is book,  Millions Fed: Proven Successes in Agricultural Development, which is a synthesis of major successes in agricultural development spanning the past 50 years. The book, commissioned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, looks at large-scale projects, policies, and investments that have had a positive […]

Future Agriculture's Consortium Newsletter

Read Future Agriculture’ s Consortium’s most recent newsletter about their  policy research in Africa.