Food security vs Biofuel Production

Are women in Ghana ready for biofuel production? The Global Convention on Food Security requires governments to develop and implement national food security plans and to create an international network of local, national, and regional food reserves. However the energy crisis and high cost of fossil fuel have given rise to the quest for alternative […]

Cowpea growers in sub Saharan Africa see 55 per cent jump in incomes due to improved varieties

Cowpea farmers in sub Saharan Africa  have seen their profits jump by 55 per cent, due to the introduction of  improved dual-purpose cowpea varieties developed and introduced by the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture and its national partners in Nigeria. Paul Amaza, IITA Agricultural Economist, says “that farmers who use traditional varieties earn about US$ 251 […]

Data Processing Workshop for Linking Participatory Diagnostic Data with Field Trials: Focus Group Discussions, Household Surveys, Farmer Field Infestation Observations and On-Farm Trials

Held by Devra Jarvis, Carlo Fadda  and Paola De Santis, and attended by two participants from each partner country (China, Ecuador, Morocco, Uganda)

10th World Congress on Parasitic Plants June 08-12 2009, Kusadasi, Turkey

The International Parasitic Plant Society is now holding its World Congress every two years, rather than every three to five years, with the 10th event being held this June in Kusadasi, Turkey. “The rate of progress in parasitic plant research has been accelerating in recent years, and new approaches and resources have led to breakthroughs […]

Salt surge puts rice in peril in Bangladesh.

In a  obscure village perched on the rugged coastline along the Bay of Bengal, climate change exudes a taste – the taste of salt. Salt is slowly making its way to the rice paddies of farmers , destroying their only source of income. “These white particles severely impede rice productivity,” says one farmer “Paddy husks take […]

Ecological and Organic Agriculture: Yields

The world is facing a global food crisis. Can ecological agriculture  be productive enough to meet the world’s needs? While many agree that ecological agriculture is desirable from an environmental and social point of view, there remain fears that ecological and organic agriculture produce low yields. Read the original article on this topic at Pambazuka […]