"Democratising the governance of food systems: Strengthening the voice of the excluded in agricultural research and its governance"

Throughout the world, public funded research shapes the choices that are available to farmers, food workers, consumers, and the environments in which they live and work. There is an increasing need to explore ways of democratising the governance of science and technology, ensuring that it continues to serve the public good rather than narrow economic […]

Food, Humanity, Habitat and How We Get to 2050

In the editorial observer section of October 27th’s New York Times, a succinct summary of where the crucial issues of food, climate change, and biodiversity all meet. In this enlightening summary ,  writer Verlyn Klinkenborg  says   “The only way to do that is to think about the habitat of all other species as the frame […]


The October issue of Seedling, now available online, is devoted to the climate crisis. It looks at the role of industrial agriculture in creating the climate crisis and examines how this contribution has been seriously underestimated. The global food system is, in fact, the most important single factor behind global warming, responsible for almost half […]

Declaration on Agrobiodiversity Conservation and Food Sovereignity

International Training Workshop: Methods and Processes for Establishing Indigenous Biocultural Territories (IBCT) as Agrobiodiversity Conservation Areas 20-29 September 2009 The Potato Park, Pisac, Cusco, Peru From 20-29 September 2009 a group of farmers and scientists from Ethiopia and Peru met in the Potato Park, Pisac, in the Department of Cusco, Peru to engage in cross-cultural […]

Research collaboration crucial to meet food demands

Improving agricultural research in the developing world and alerting farmers to the findings is crucial to meeting the world’s food demands, says Adel El-Beltagy, chair of the Global Forum on Agricultural Research. Agricultural researchers and laboratories have historically played a key role in successful campaigns to end hunger, but this has declined since the success […]

ACIAR's Latest edition of Partners Magazine highlights the important link between natural resource management and food security

The June 2009 edition of Partners Magazine highlights the important link between natural resource management and food security. It focuses on ACIAR   supported initiatives and partnerships which are delivering sustainable approaches to agriculture, with examples of projects that demonstrate that environmental sustainability can also help smallholders increase their productivity. As ACIAR Commissioner John Williams outlines, […]