Food crisis looms as climate change threatens cassava production

Recent studies by Australian scientists have shown that the crops become more toxic and produce smaller yields in environments with higher carbon dioxide levels and more droughts. The findings, presented recently at a conference in Glasgow, Scotland, underscored the need to develop climate-change-resistant cultivars to feed rapidly growing human populations, said Ros Gleadow of the […]

Putting a price on Nature! Are you for it?

The idea that the value provided by such “ecosystem services” can be represented by ecologists in a way that economists can get to grips with, though, is rather newer. A number of the thinkers who have made it a hot topic in the past decade gathered at a meeting on biodiversity and ecosystem services held […]

International Green Week Berlin 15-24 January 2010

 The world’s biggest fair for food, agriculture and horticulture….More

Biodiversity is Life – Biodiversity is Our Life

January 11, 2010 marked the launch of the International Year of Biodiversity under the theme Biodiversity is Life – Biodiversity is Our Life. It is a theme of critical interest to farmers since biodiversity and agriculture are interdependent; both are also key elements to address climate change and food security. Conserving biodiversity is a shared […]

Africa Analysis: A level playing field for biodiversity

In her monthly Africa Analysis column, Linda Nordling asks how Africa can achieve new biodiversity goals

SIDE EVENT AT UNFCCC COP 15 in Copenhagen , 2009

“Building the global biodiversity information commons for climate change adaptation” The Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) and Bioversity International (BI) will convene an official side event on the importance of biodiversity and international cooperation in informatics and science within the context of climate change adaptation, agriculture and food security. Short and medium term adaptation and […]