Join and be part of the GCARD3 Online Africa Regional Consultation 28th and 29th April 2016

IT STARTS TODAY! Early in April 2016, GFAR, CGIAR and ARC of South Africa co-organized a landmark GCARD3 Global Event that brought together over 500 participants from 83 countries and across 15 different recognized sectors to dialogue on key national, regional and global AR&D issues and to develop collective actions that shape the future of […]

Assessing the effects of land-use change on agrobiodiversity


“Supporting Agrobiodiversity Maintenance and Use in the Context of
 Land Management Decisions” is a PAR research project in eight biocultural landscapes around the world. The objectives of the project are to: 1. investigate the relation between land use changes and the maintenance and use of agrobiodiversity 2. develop a framework that could support the inclusion […]

Women forging change with agroecology – Farming matters new issue

Farming-Matters_Dec2015_Women-Agroecology 1

The December 2015 issue of Farming Matters presents stories about women from all over the world who are forging positive change through agroecology on their farms and in their communities. Many innovations led by women are based on agroecological principles such as increasing diversity, using fewer pesticides, or building new relationships with consumers. Through small […]

The Future We Want – Perspectives from Indigenous Peoples

PAR and partners' Exhibition on North-east India Diversity at Indigenous Terra PAR and partners' Exhibition on North-east India Diversity at Indigenous Terra Madre 2015, Shillong, India/ Photo credit: Dunja Mijatovic

Indigenous peoples and their supporters from around the world gathered from 3-7 November in Shillong, Meghalaya, among the green East Khasi Hills in north-east India for the second Indigenous Terra Madre. With over 600 delegates from 140 tribes living in 58 countries, the event under the theme “The Future We Want: Indigenous Perspectives and Actions” provided an opportunity for indigenous peoples to exchange views on how to shape a future for food that is more fair, holistic and reverential of the land and its resources. Read here a summary of the event.

Exhibition: Agrobiodiversity in North-east India

This lady from Arunachal Pradesh, India, is using a small knife to cut rice panicles and is depositing them in the basket in her back. This photo was taken during a National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources (NBPGR, ICAR) exploration mission in 2012. Photo credit: Somnath Roy

The Platform for Agrobiodiversity Research, together with Bioversity International, NESFAS, the MSSRF, LI-BIRD, the Indigenous Partnership for Agrobiodiversity and Food Sovereignty and NBPGR are pleased to invite you to visit the exhibition they are organizing on “Agrobiodiversity in North-east India” to take place at the Cultural Centre of the North East Hill University (NEHU) campus, Shillong, India, during the Indigenous Terra Madre – International Mei-Ramew Conference from 3-7 November 2015.

An update on the Neglected and Underutilized Species (NUS) project by PROINPA.

oca harvest

The Foundation for the Promotion and Research of Andean Products in Bolivia (PROINPA) has released its Summary Report for 2011-2014 which presents the progress and results achieved in its projects during that period. The document is divided into three sections. The first one presents the progress of PROINPA´s research projects regarding plant genetic resources. The […]