Anticipating the Genebank Pop.

Today we have a genebank bubble. Someone needs to say it. The message will not be welcomed, just as warnings of the internet bubble were derisively dismissed while the bubble and the risk grew larger and larger. What’s a genebank bubble and what evidence do we have of one? Read the full article.

Operationalizing Agrobiodiversity Assessment: Functional biodiversity in Agroforestry Systems.

By Daniel Callo-Concha. A report about an evaluation study conducted in an agroforestry system to assess functional biodiversity. The research site was the The sample included 70 farms in the municipality of Tomé-Açú, Pará state in the Brazilian Amazon, a region well-known for its long-ago established agroforestry systems. The results of the case study revealed […]

An idea for adaptation to climate changes in villages adjoining the Teesta River at Lalmonirhat district, Bangladesh

By Fardous Mohammad Safiul Azam River bank erosion is one of the common phenomenons in the northern part of Bangladesh, which includes Rangpur, Lalmonirhat, Gaibandha, Nilphamari and Kurigram districts. The villagers, (whose life mainly depends on agriculture) living beside the Teesta river that runs through in Lalmonirhat district, are one of the direct victims of […]

Monkey kola: in need of domestication of the rich underutilized indigenous fruits of Southeast Nigeria

By J. U. Ogbu, E. C. Umeokechukwu and B.A. Essien A report on a research study conducted to assess the nutrional contents of the Nigerian Monkey Cola spp which belongs to the family Sterculiaceae. This study was conducted to answer the missing information about this highly known yet underutilised species. Read the full article.

Tisza river floodplains – the living genetic museum in Europe

By Zsuzsanna Flachner The Tisza river basin has unique role in Europe to preserve biodiversity, for example you can find the last healthy mayfly population with its symbolic dance in June here. Besides of nature values, special agro-biodiversity can be found and the world’s thirteenth largest agricultural gene bank can be found here for preservation […]

Rural Technologies of Indigenous People’s in the Andes mountains, Bolivia

Socio-territorial management of the biodiversity of native potato. An interesting and educative article on how indigenous communities are managing and conserving potato based food systems. Download the full article here. (Spanish)