Job Opportunity – Community Facilitator for Agrobiodiversity project, Phillipines

Photo: Courtesy of University of Wisconsin.Vacancy Opening for a Community Facilitator in the Dynamic Conservation and Sustainable Use of Agro-Biodiversity in Traditional Agro-Ecosystems of the Philippines Project

The Project aims to conserve globally important agrobiodiversity (of rice, mung bean, taro, yam, banana, Manila hemp and others) in traditional agro-ecosystems. It will have an agroecosystem and landscape perspective, maintaining the provision of ecosystem services on which agrobiodiversity conservation depends, and addressing threats originating in the broader landscape. This project will also help ensure favourable policy conditions; consolidate community-based governance; strengthen technical and organizational capacities at individual and community levels; promote market-based incentives for agrobiodiversity conservation; and create conditions for further nationwide replication.

Deadline for applications  is 5 July 2017     Click here for more information.