Give agrobiodiversity a chance! Premio Daniel Carasso 2017 call for applications


The Premio Daniel Carasso is an individual research prize intended to reward an outstanding scientific researcher on sustainable food systems and diets for long-term healthThe Premio is worth €100,000 and the Laureate becomes an ambassador of the Foundation Daniel et Nina Carasso for sustainable food and diets.

 These videos interviewing Timothy Johns and Emile Frison highlight biodiversity as a key element of transdisciplinary food research. PAR encourages young researchers that work in the field of agrobiodiversity as a contribution to sustainable food systems and healthy diets to apply for this grant.

The Prize is intended to give more visibility to a mid-carrier researcher and to help her/him inspire junior researchers to develop transdisciplinary approaches to study food systems and their sustainability.  The call for applications for the Premio Daniel Carasso 2017 is now open and entrants must register and apply online before October 23 2016.

Further information can be found here.