Assessing the effects of land-use change on agrobiodiversity

PROJECT-POSTER-TCF-2014-2015“Supporting Agrobiodiversity Maintenance and Use in the Context of
 Land Management Decisions” is a PAR research project in eight biocultural landscapes around the world. The objectives of the project are to:

1. investigate the relation between land use changes and the maintenance and use of agrobiodiversity

2. develop a framework that could support the inclusion of agrobiodiversity in land management decisions by communities and

3. build the evidence base for land-use strategies that favor the maintenance and use of agrobiodiversity

The project brings together young researchers from a number of partner organizations who work in a collaborative and interdisciplinary team:

To know more about the project and the biocultural landscapes where it is taking place, read the poster “Landscapes for Agrobiodiversity: Agrobiodiversity perspectives in land-use decisions”.