EcoAgriculture Partners’ new endeavours

ecoagricA New Strategy and a New Website for a New Challenge is the New dimension taken by EcoAgriculture Partners. From years of hard work in promoting  and  sustaining   integrated landscape  management around  the world,  the organisation has finally developed a new strategic plan.

“With landscapes and integration both such a feature of the global development dialogue, we are beginning our second decade with a new strategy for change. Overcoming knowledge gaps and promoting landscape management are no longer enough. We are called now to deliver to policymakers, development organizations, landscape initiatives and communities the tools they need to make their goals a reality. EcoAgriculture Partners’  new strategic plan emphasizes these changes. The research program has been divided among two new thematic areas focused on generating innovations for collaborative landscape management and innovations for policy and markets that support ILM. Furthermore , we make explicit our reliance on strategic partnerships, like the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative, to scale those innovations around the world, says the Sara Scherr the President and CEO of EcoAgriculture Partners.

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