Indigenous Biocultural Diversity in Times of Neoliberalism and Climate Change

Langscape_V.2.Issue_12 1Andean Worldview and Indigeneity: a blueprint and a path to regenerate the sustainability of the Andean biocultural landscape.

For the last 26 years in the Peruvian Andes, twenty Nuclei of Andean-Amazonian Cultural Affirmation (NACA), associated with the Andean Project for Peasant Technologies (PRATEC), have worked patiently and diligently advocating for respectful dialogue between different knowledge systems and “saberes”, which requires moving beyond false epistemic superiorities. NACAPRATEC’s proposal takes up the challenge of regenerating the Andean biocultural landscape by focusing on Andean community-based mechanisms, traditional knowledge and cultural practices that contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and food sufficiency, the nurturance of Kawsay (life as a whole) as the foundation and engine for Andean-Amazonian cultural affirmation and the affirmation of life as a whole. This foundation is rooted in the millenarian Andean Cosmovision. This is precisely what is already informing the next generation of groundbreaking culturally sensitive projects involving external intervention/players (e.g. international development agencies, nation-state, and multilateral organizations). This article brings forth the voices of around 900 indigenous Andean communities that have worked throughout the last 26 years in partnership with the NACA-PRATEC cluster spread throughout the Peruvian Andean-Amazonian region. The article highlights NACA-PRATEC’s community-based, innovative, and culturally sensitive approach/paradigm to the regeneration of the Andean-Amazonian biocultural landscape. (…)

To read the whole article by Tirso Gonsalez, download the whole issue of Terralingua Langscape Volume 2, Issue 12. “Emerging Paradigms in a Changing World: Biocultural approaches to conservation, education, development and economics.”  With Guest Editor: Felipe Montoya Greenheck.