Book Announcement and Call for Papers: Shifting cultivation in the Asia-Pacific region

Shifting cultivation

Seven years ago, a landmark publication titled “Voices from the Forest: Integrating Indigenous Knowledge into Sustainable Upland Farming” (RFF Press, 2007) was published that put indigenous strategies for fallow management firmly on the scientific agenda.

You are being invited to make paper contributions to two new books on shifting cultivation in the Asia- Pacific region:

  • “Shifting Cultivation Policy:  Trying to Get it Right”;
    (Analysing the policy environment in which shifting cultivation takes place) and
  • “Continuing to Listen to the Subaltern Voices of Shifting Cultivators”(Documenting farmer innovations and best practices)

Paper contributions:

  • should be about 6000 words in length;
  • should be of high quality;
  • should focus sharply on the theme of the book for which it is submitted;
  • should focus on the Asia-Pacific region;
  • should include a professionally-drawn map of the research area;
  • may include several photos that best illustrate the paper’s topic, and that look good printed in grey-scale.
  • should be submitted by December 31st, 2014 for the policy volume; and
  • should be submitted by July 1, 2015 for the farmer innovations volume.

The books will be published by Earthscan, U.K. (Routledge).  These are designed as sequels to the highly-acclaimed, “Voices from the Forest” volume (RFF Press, 2007). We anticipate both volumes being off-press in 2015.

Find out more: BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT & CALL FOR PAPERS or contact the Editor, Malcolm Cairns, at: