Third Global Science Conference on Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) March 16-18 2015, Montpellier, France

global conference csa

According to the FAO, Climate smart agriculture (CSA)  is a way to achieve short and long term agricultural development priorities in the face of climate change and serve as an integrator to other development priorities. It seeks to support countries and other actors in securing the necessary policy, technical and financial conditions to enable them to:

  • Ensure  sustainable and equitable increases in agricultural productivity and incomes;
  • Improve the  resilience of food systems and farming livelihoods; and
  • Contribute to the reduction and/or removal of greenhouse gas emissions associated with agriculture (including the relationship between agriculture and ecosystems), wherever possible.

“The third Global Science Conference on Climate -Smart Agriculture (CSA)” is part of a process initiated in October 2010 in The Hague by the Government of the Netherlands. The objective was to simultaneously address the themes of agriculture, food security and climate change. This initiative quickly led to the structuring of two parallel dynamics, respectively on the scientific concept itself of CSA on the one hand and on public policies to accompany the process on the other hand.

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