Call for articles on productive landscapes

eftrnThe European Tropical Forest Research Network (ETFRN) is dedicating the next issue of ETFRN News to productive landscapes. In this way, ETFRN News aims to provide practitioners and policy makers with an opportunity to share their practical experiences in the application of landscape approaches. How can landscape approaches make a difference? Can they lead – as is being assumed – to fair deals between stakeholders, to resilient and biologically diverse landscapes, to local economic development, and to increasing food and water security? And where do forests, agroforestry and trees fit into this picture?

ETFRN invites you to submit a short article to this ETFRN News on your experiences with the landscape approach. We are interested in information based on practical experiences and (on-going) research on landscapes, landscape restoration and landscape performance at the nexus of agriculture, forests and biodiversity in mosaic landscapes in the tropics, and in a context of climate change. This may be an excellent opportunity to showcase your work and to contribute to the discussion on landscapes.

Please contact the editor, Jorge Chavez-Tafur (

Deadline for article submissions is March 17th, 2014.

Visit the ETFRN website  for more information