Chirapaq Ñan 2


Issue number 2 of Chirapaq Ñan is available. All in spanish and divided in three sections: i) Qué hemos logrado desde junio
ii) Objetivo del boletín and iii) Cuentos del campo

The Indigenous Pollinators Network

Learning about pollinators during the workshop in Nairobi / Kivulini Trust

An Indigenous Peoples Network on Pollinators to research, foster research alliances, better understand the value of pollinators in terms of ecosystem services, to support self determination and more! Providing inputs to how the traditional knowledge of indigenous peoples and the work of modern scientists could be linked more equitably and usefully is one of the objectives of this initiative.

Community Biodiversity Management book is freely avaialable on line

Cover - Community Biodiversity Management

The Routlege/Earthscan book on Community Biodiversity Management: Promoting Resilience and the Conservation of Plant Genetic Resources is freely available for download. Read about it and the series of books to which it belongs.

Preparation of the first report on The State of the World’s Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture

An update on the preparation of The First Report on the State of the World’s Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture (SoWBFA)