Call for data – Nutrition Indicators for Biodiversi​ty. Deadline for submission is 18th November 2013!

FAO is FAOcurrently working on the 2013-update of the Nutrition Indicators for Biodiversity (NIB), namely the Indicator on food composition and on food consumption.  Briefly, the Indicators have been developed to raise the awareness of biodiversity in nutrition and agriculture, and represent a simply count of foods that are considered ‘biodiverse’, i.e. foods identified:

  • below species level, i.e. identified as a variety, breed or cultivar, e.g. Musa paradisiaca var. sapientum; or
  • as wild foods (in contrast to cultivated or farmed foods); or
  • as underutilized foods (these foods are listed in the INFOODS List for underutilized species

The Indicator on food composition (Indicator 1) is a count of the number of biodiverse foods with at least one value for a nutrient or bioactive component. It provides a rough picture of the global availability of compositional data of biodiverse foods. For more information development, definition and counting criteria, click here 

The Indicator on food consumption (Indicator 2) is a count of the number of biodiverse foods reported in a survey instrument and shows to which extend biodiverse foods are featured in food consumption tools. For information about development, definition and counting criteria,  click here

The call is for the following:

  • especially published/unpublished consumption data of biodiverse foods (consumption surveys, also market surveys, ethno-biological investigations, inventory studies); and
  • published/unpublished composition data of biodiverse foods (nutrients, bioactive-compounds); shared data could subsequently be included in the FAO/INFOODS Food Composition Database for Biodiversity – BioFoodComp (with agreement) (

Please consult the INFOODS webpage if you want to know more about the Nutrition Indicators, their development, and the reporting so far (

Deadline for data submission: 18. November 2013;

Instructions on how to submit data

Original papers from the scientific literature or Excel datasets can also be submitted. In whatever way data are going to be submitted, it is important that a complete food list (incl. scientific names) and a list of all references is provided.

For further information on the criteria of inclusion or exclusion of foods for the Indicators, see table 2

Regarding the Indicator on consumption, see an example of how to use the attached template (annex 6)