Building trust and innovation at the intersection of formal and informal science

Collaborations spur from trusty relationships and signing a Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) on work to be carried out amongst the parties involved is a valuable step to start-up just alliances. Read about this and how PAR works towards promoting relationship that put farmers and scientists on an equal footing in the project that saw farmers and genebanks enter in an alliance and that banks on communication, participation and equity, conserving diversity and building trust.

International Conference on “Enhanced Genepool Utilization”


Call for abstracts – International Conference on “Enhanced Genepool Utilization – Capturing wild relative and landrace diversity for crop improvement”

New perspectives on the land sparing vs land sharing debate

Book cover: ‘Land sparing’ and ‘land sharing’: perspectives of indigenous peoples and rural communities.

New PAR publication ‘Land sparing’ and ‘land sharing’: perspectives of indigenous peoples and rural communities

Seeds for Life: Scaling up agrobiodiversity

Custodian Farmers

By Teresa Anderson and Christine Campeau. Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance, The Gaia Foundation, African Biodiversity Network, 2013. Farmers can grow resilient, nutritious foods to feed the world,  despite the negative impacts of climate change and other challenges. There is need to develop strategies that can revive seed diversity which has since disappeared from crop fields. These […]

Call for data – Nutrition Indicators for Biodiversi​ty. Deadline for submission is 18th November 2013!

FAO - logo

FAO is currently working on the 2013-update of the Nutrition Indicators for Biodiversity (NIB), namely the Indicator on food composition and on food consumption.  Briefly, the Indicators have been developed to raise the awareness of biodiversity in nutrition and agriculture, and represent a simply count of foods that are considered ‘biodiverse’, i.e. foods identified: below species […]