Global survey – Ways and means to conserve and use genetic diversity

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At its Fourteenth Regular Session, in April of this year, the FAO Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture requested its Secretariat to carry out a survey that would help identify lessons learned about the ways and means to conserve and use genetic diversity to build resilience to climate change in food and agriculture systems. This survey is being carried out by PAR on behalf of the Secretariat and with assistance from Bioversity International.

The survey has been designed to gather experiences from around the world on climate change adaptation and mitigation actions that involve the use of genetic diversity. It also aims to obtain information on the extent to which the role of genetic resources is recognized and genetic resources are used for adaptation and mitigation. For this reason, the survey seeks information about the inclusion of genetic resources dimensions in the development, for example, of National Adaptation Programmes of Action, National Adaptation Plans, Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions and other climate change planning processes. The results of the survey will support the preparation of guidelines for the integration of genetic diversity considerations into climate change adaptation planning.

This survey is being sent to the Commission’s national focal points for plant, animal, forest and aquatic genetic resources and to those focal points for biodiversity for food and agriculture that have so far been identified. It is also being sent to a range of experts with experience on the use of genetic resources and genetic diversity for climate change adaptation and mitigation as well as to key focal points of relevant organizations.

If you would like to participate in the survey you are most welcome. It can be accessed here: