Global survey – Ways and means to conserve and use genetic diversity

Take a surve: CGRFA

On behalf of the Secretariat of FAO Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, PAR with assistance from Bioversity International is carrying out a global survey that would help identify lessons learned about the ways and means to conserve and use genetic diversity to build resilience to climate change in food and agriculture systems.

Half of key wild crops missing from gene banks!

This is according to a recent article published  in SciDevnet. And the crops most at risk are eggplant, potato, apple, sunflower and carrot! Gene banks are missing more than half the wild relatives of the world’s most important food crops — which potentially harbour traits for higher yields, and resistance to disease and climate change — according […]

Exploring the Perspectives of Indigenous Peoples and Rural Communities in the Debate on ‘Land Sparing vs Land Sharing’

Ban Hin Lad Nai

Conclusions of an International Workshop, 3-6 June 2013, Chiang Mai, Thailand – The Platform for Agrobiodiversity Research (PAR) and Indigenous Knowledge and Peoples Network (IKAP) convened a workshop to explore the issues raised by the ‘land sparing’ versus ‘land sharing’ debate from the perspectives of those who depend on and sustain agrobiodiversity.