Farmers and genebanks, an alliance to save traditional crops

cover video farmers and genebanks - sarawakTelling the story of our work with indigenous and traditional agricultural communities in Cochabamba, Bolivia and in Sarawak, Malaysia.

Together with indigenous farmers we explored their possible alliance with genebanks to support the conservation, better understanding and value adding to traditional varieties.

Striving  to bring together formal and informal science, through participatory research we set clear working arrangements from the very start by discussing the project and commonly developed a Prior and Informed Consent that is the first step to move towards culturally accepted solutions.


Farmers and genebanks, an alliance to save traditional crops from Agrobiodiversity Platform on Vimeo.

The Bolivian NGO PROINPA has been working with these communities for many years and it is thanks to this long standing relation, to the intimate knowledge and personal connection they have with the farming communities that we can call this project a successful one. We want to pay a special thank you to PROINPA and all the Bolivian colleagues who participated in the project.

On the Sarawak/Malaysian front the Sarawak Institute of Agricultural Scientists (SIAS) had a similar role and we would like to pay tribute also to our Malaysian colleagues that facilitated our meetings with the indigenous communities in that part of the world.

Great thanks go to the farming communities that generously shared their knowledge, to the genebanks managers and to my colleagues Ewa Hermanowicz and Gennifer Meldrum from Bioversity International for editing and the production of this video.

For more background reading check the web post about Farmers and Genebanks