International Symposium on Agrobiodiversity for Sustainable Development


3-4 June – Beijing, China

The Symposium’s objectives are:
  • To review and share experiences and knowledge on the use and conservation of agricultural biodiversity,
  • To identify opportunities for research collaboration on the conservation and use of agricultural biodiversity for improving smallholder farming household livelihoods through the provision of better ecosystem services.
Expected outputs
  • Knowledge and experiences in managing agricultural biodiversity for agroecological intensification, sustainable farming systems and efficient ecosystem services reviewed, understood and shared among participants
  • Approaches, protocols, methodologies and practices shared, reviewed and improvements suggested
  • Priority areas for research collaboration and actions on conservation through use of agricultural biodiversity identified and recommended.
The four sessions will deal with
  1. Overview of status, issues, challenges and opportunities for use and management of agricultural biodiversity in agroecological intensification
  2. Use of genetic diversity to manage biotic and abiotic stresses to intensify production systems under environmental change
  3. Deployment of agricultural biodiversity in sustainable farming systems and production landscapes for better ecosystem services
  4. Custodian farmers: the role of local knowledge, gender and culture in managing agricultural biodiversity for resilient farming systems and agricultural landscapes

Organized by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), Bioversity International and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)

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