Exploring the Role of Diversification for Resilient Agricultural Systems

ReFARMReFARM, A New Database Explores the Role of Diversification for Resilient Agricultural Systems

Overcoming the threats to agriculture and food security in a changing climate requires a strong scientific evidence base to both help smallholder farmers choose resilient strategies and to guide development policy and investments.  Bioversity and CCAFS recently conducted a systematic review to explore the role of diversification in agricultural systems for increasing the resilience of smallholder farmers in confronting the risks associated with changing climates.

Building upon these initiatives, the Platform for Agrobiodiversity Research is now hosting a new tool, the ReFARM (the Resilience Framework for Agriculture and Risk Management) Database, to feature hundreds of reviewed case studies, accommodate more as the effort expands, and allow easily searches according to different categories including scale, climate risks, types of diversifications, and outcome.

The database, currently and as it expands, will serve as a tool to search successful adaptation strategies based upon diversification, and identify best bet technologies to increase the overall resilience of agroecological systems. The ReFARM database will continue to build a dynamic knowledge base, as well as allow users to download the data directly for broader applications.  Case studies can be quickly screened according to a range of categories including region, scale, climate risks, diversification type and other management categories, along with other features of agricultural systems.  Practitioners who would like to contribute their own work are invited to submit a case directly through the site.

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