Education for change – a call for articles for “Farming Matters”

Call for contributions to September’s issue of Farming matters and that will deal with the role of education in changing the mindsets of rural communities

ILEIA seeks for contributions that describe innovative education in rural areas. Who are involved? What is being taught? What teaching methods are used? What lessons are learned? And what makes these experiences valuable?

And changes are needed at different levels …

Call for Abstracts – First Internationl Conference on Global Food Security

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A call for abstracts for the First International Conference on Global Food Security

Agricultural Heritage: Looking beyond food production and ecosystem services

Wednesday 17 April 2013 during CGRFA14 in FAO, Rome
A Side Event that will feature humanity’s agricultural heritage systems and their importance to conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity for food security and nutrition, and in revitalization of rural communities.

Exploring the Role of Diversification for Resilient Agricultural Systems

A web based database to support research and researchers working on diversification.

The RE-FARM database draws upon hundreds of case studies from around the world to explore the relationships between diversification and resilience in farming systems …

Biodiversity for food and agriculture: taking stock for the future

An information seminar to reflect on the status and contributions of biodiversity to food and nutrition security, human well-being and sustainability, and on the challenges to biodiversity conservation and sustainable use.

The seminar will also address challenges related to the preparation of the first ever State of the World’s Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture (SoW-BFA) and its follow-up.

Experiences from the field, learning from GEF projects

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A side event to share and reflect on the contributions of different components of biodiversity for food and agriculture to support food security and nutrition, sustainability and ecosystem services through the practical experiences obtained from global GEF agrobiodiversity projects supported by UNEP and FAO.